Rental near San Gimignano

We have a new villa for rent in central Tuscany…..

It is situated near Certaldo, a nice medieval village not far from San Gimignano that is really an hidden treasure in the Tuscan countryside. It is possible to get to Certaldo Alto both with the car but also with a funny funicular starting from the centre of the modern part of the town, down the hill.

Once in Certaldo Alto people can walk through the nice brick streets and visit the main monuments which are:

Palazzo Pretorio,  Casa del Boccaccio, The Church of S. Jacopo and S. Filippo Palazzo Stiozzi Ridolfi


Casa Certaldo is very nice and situated on a tophill overlooking the magnificant towers of San Gimignano and a few km from Certaldo.

The garden is well kept and there is a new swimming pool. The main house has two double bedrooms and 2 baths, sleeping up to. Next to the house there is an annex with another double room and bathroom.   Pricing from $1300USD per week for 4.

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