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April 11, 2014

Rome’s Colosseum

Colleen ColosseumviewfromcolosseumWell over 5 1/2 Million visitors toured Rome’s Colosseum in 2013, making it the most visited monument, museum, and archaelogoical site in Italy.  On a recent visit to Rome, I was able to access the Third Tier of the Colosseum with a special  access pass, and I was fascinated by the perspective one got of the largest amphitheater ever built in ancient times.  The view of the Forum, the Arch of Constantine, and the entire historic center is equally remarkable from here. This upgraded ticket also allows you to  access to the Colosseum’s underground, a labyrinth of passageways and dungeons where fighters and animals would await their fate.

The second most visited site in Italy  was Pompeii with 2.46 million visitors.




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