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February 2, 2011

A great chef makes more than great food…

These guys...

I love it when I can share incredible food from a local business owned  and run by hard working chefs.

Andrew Garrett
Portland, Oregon, United States
I am a chef with a passion for all things food! If I have a means I will do it myself. I forage, fish, hunt, teach, and share my love of cooking. Did I mention I train for endurance sports? Join me as I travel through “My Chef Life”

You’ll be hooked after reading this sample!

Today’s Food Is…

So yes it is 1:30am and yes I am writing in my blog. What the heck is going on here?? Well I have been all over today, I started by picking up Jason D. he is one of my cooks who to tell you the truth is just a great guy to be around. So he and I set out to create two dishes today.

First a salad of in season local”ish” produce, what did we find? Blood oranges, local golden beets (Prairie Creek Farms) arugula, and Granny smith apples and, walnuts. Second; I have my white truffles from last weekends adventure so I wanted to build a dish around those gems, what I came up with given my poll results was White truffle risotto with pan seared diver scallops and fried sun chokes (Jerusalem artichokes).

So we headed to North West’s City Market where my friends at Newman’s fish pointed me towards some great looking scallops U10’s. (under 10 per pound) I picked up some arborio rice and my produce. All together my total for a dinner to feed 5 people was… READ MORE

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