Dozens of aspects need to be carefully planned and coordinated to assure a seamless and memorable journey.

Why use a consultant like me?

Working with an experienced travel professional will guarantee that all the details are carefully selected and planned with reputable service providers.
I handle details like:
• passports & visas
• arranging airline seats and schedule changes
• luggage restrictions
• trip insurance
• selecting tried and true, well located lodging
• guiding clients on the local customs, cultural nuances, tipping rates, dining recommendations and even making reservations.
• arranging pre-reserved museum entries
• booking knowledgeable local guides, drivers and caterers
• scheduling cooking classes and wine tastings
• managing currency exchange
• planning rail reservations and car rentals
• giving advice on best times to travel based on seasonality, pricing, and weather.

Why do we travel?

Aside from traveling for business or visiting friends and family, most of us have a purpose or reason for traveling. First and foremost I believe we travel for enrichment. The degree of submersion into the destination can vary in intensity depending on the goal of the journey.

For example, a good will mission will generally be intense and educational with little or no personal or relaxation time.  The rewards for this kind of travel are a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Game safaries and ecological destinations offer such a departure from our normal, yet can have an element of luxury, that make them both awe-inspiring and relaxing.

Culinary focused trips offer not only an education in other world cuisines and wines, but necessarily another culture as well.

Cruising, be it river or ocean cruising can offer a heavy dose of relaxation and pampering, yet significant destination emergence depending on the ports of call and the level of interest.

Renting a villa and using it as a base for sightseeing offers abundant diversity and opportunity.

Adventure vacations also can offer significant immersion into a destination as well as accomplish personal physical goals, such as cycling, hiking, diving, skiing, and many more.

Family vacations – exploring the world’s wonderous places, fun and memorable, with many shared experiences.  Great for multi-generations!

And then there is just outright rest and relaxation… a break from your everyday routine and a change of scenery.  It could be planned loosely with little or no agenda. Or one could seek rejuvenation in a more structured environment like a spa resort.

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