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January 26, 2011

An ecologically sensitive hillside house with sea views…

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Bernardino, Campiglia Marittima, Livorno

In a house that climbs the hillside it rests on, Bernardino is situated to savour the views of the wide Maremma plain that stretches below the medieval town of Campiglia Marittima and finishes on the horizon at the Mediterranean Sea. An excellent family house and certainly one in which to invite friends, it has terraces off each bedroom, which offer private retreat, yet spacious rooms and outdoor areas in which to gather. Though newly renovated, the house easily harmonizes with its surroundings, thanks to the careful use of local building materials and native vegetation that encircle the house in a varied palette of green. The owners have decided that their house should leave a light footprint on the land and with water and solar collectors and wind generated electricity have rendered it self-sufficient. While modern technology accomplishes these invisible marvels, what remains visible and delightful are the many spots in which one can relax into a memorable holiday.

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