Buon Ricordo Plates

Two of Italy’s finest arts-cooking and ceramics-are wonderfully combined in the tradition of Buon Ricordo plates. You’ll find them in selected restaurants all over Italy, where, if you order the chef’s special, you’ll receive a plate that’s uniquely designed, with a whimsical painting to symbolize the meal and location, so you can take home a Buon Ricordo (Good Memory) of your experience. Over time you could collect enough plates to set your table for your next dinner gathering of friends and family!  (by the way, you can sometimes find some of these plates in the flea markets in Italy)

The plate tradition began when the Unione dei Ristoranti Buon Ricordo set up a non-profit association in 1964, to promote the value of Italian regional cuisine. All Buon Ricordo restaurants go through rigorous testing and monitoring to ensure that they uphold local traditions, serve high quality food, and are welcoming to diners. Now there’s over 120 Buon Ricordo restaurants, and they’ve expanded to Japan, Hong Kong, and other European countries-ranging from family run trattorias to high-end restaurants. We like the Italian plates best. They’re made by the Amalfi Coast based Ceramica Artistica Solimene company, famous for its superior work, so they never break, and even if they get a chip, it just adds to their character.


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