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June 13, 2012

Earthquake in Emilia Romagna

June 13th…Ferrari has started online auction for earthquake victims.   will dedicate significant sums to those who have lost their loved ones in the recent earthquakes. The auction will feature rare and important items like 599 Evo, street-illegal race sports berlinetta , prancing horse watches, Formula 1 merchandise such as race suits, helmets, a V8 engine and other memorabilia associated with race cars from the past.

May 20th…

More than 120 aftershocks rocked the area in the hours following the magnitude-6.0 earthquake, which toppled factories, apartment buildings, and medieval and Renaissance monuments early Sunday. The epicenter was a small town between the art-rich cities of Modena and Ferrara. The area had not been considered at high risk for earthquakes, leading officials to call for revisions to the country’s risk map. Seven deaths have been reported.

No significant damage occurred in Bologna or Modena. Italians felt the quake strongly in Tuscany, Veneto, Lombardy, Liguria, Marche, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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