Hurricane Sandy ripples effects around the world

Our sympathy goes out to the many many people who experienced tragic consequences from ‘Sandy’

Everyone on earth with a TV saw video of the  “Storm of the Century” and everyone who was in its path made whatever  preparations they could in advance. But who could have possibly imagined how many people NOT in  Sandy’s direct path would ALSO be affected by this monster storm?  I understand there were over 19,000 cancelled North American flights.  With that many flights cancelled can you imagine how many people had missed connections, lost luggage and other travel interruptions due to that one event? Talk about a global ripple effect!  What can you do when an event like this alters your plans?  Try and relax, realizing  that the forces of nature are infinitely more powerful than ourselves, and whenever possible, lighten up and open your mind to ‘new possibilities’  – the best of plans do not always get to play out as intended. Italy is one of those countries where if you let yourself ‘go with the flow’ on occassion, you may encounter amazing and unscripted experiences that often make up life’s most treasured memories. Enjoy Italy as a local …which means ‘slow down’ and let the unexpected surprise you in a wonderful way !

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