Dining with the Mayor of Rome

Dinner with the Mayor of RomeI just returned from a tourism symposium in Rome. The first evening, after a day packed with informative meetings, Mayor Gianni Alemanno of Rome hosted a gala dinner for about 60 of us. The event took place in the Palazzo Esposizioni Museum after hours, which meant we were treated to a private viewing of the ‘On the Silk Road’ exhibition.

Rome never fails to lift my spirits and make me feel priviledged to be there. To walk past ancient structures mingled with the new, the many beautiful piazza’s, fountains, and historic buildings and monuments in this very ‘lived in city’ is a joy.

Though the public transportation has vastly improved in the last decade, I still prefer to make my way by foot. Last Saturday, in one afternoon I managed to visit several of my favorite hotels near Piazza Barberini, the Via Veneto and Spanish Steps areas, then pass through Piazza del Popolo, along the Tiber and across to the Castel S. Angelo and on to St. Peters (for another glimpse at the Pieta), recross the Tiber as the moon was debuting, on to Pz.Navonna, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, back to the Spanish Steps en route to my favorite enoteca near Tearo dell’Opera for a well deserved glass of prosecco.


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