ITALO – the new high speed Italian train

Italo trains can go up to 225mph and currently travel from Salerno, south of Naples, to Milan, Turin, and Venice,also servicing Florence, Bologna, and Padua. Travel high speed in high style. Italo is a joint venture by Ferrari and Tod’s, two Italian luxury brands. The train cars have wide reclining seats covered in soft Poltrona Frau leather. The food is locally sourced from Eataly gourmet market and free entertainment options range from live TV to movies, digital newspapers and free Wi-Fi in all cars. Prices are based on class of service, which ranges from no frills Smart Ambience (yet still many luxuries), to Prima Ambience, which includes meal service in your seat, to Club Ambience for more privacy and quiet.
Another highlight I thought on my recent short trip from Naples to Rome in Prima class was ‘Casa Italo’ the private customer lounge inside the train terminals. There is a staffed Service Center, comfortable seating and Wi-Fi just a few steps away from the tracks where you will board your train.

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