Windstar Cruising along Spanish Coast

Windstar Cruising along Spanish Coast
Lisbon to Barcelona by a tall masted sailing ship offered six Spanish ports of call during an eight night cruise. Coastal ports visited were Cadiz with access to Seville, Malaga with time for a visit to Ronda and Marbella, Almeria and enough time to visit Granada, followed by Cartagena, and Valencia, before arriving in Barcelona.
Windstar ships are small enough to dock (rather than moor) conveniently close to the historic centers. A time saver and certainly more pleasant for guests to come and go from ship at their leisure. Full days in port offer sufficient time for guests to get a good taste of each destination. Without exception every city visited was pedestrian friendly, culturally and historically interesting, and welcoming.
All three of Windstars ships have been recently refurbished and the crew, from Captain to Cabin stewards are professional and personable, all clearly eager to make the guests experience enjoyable.
When prevailing winds allow, the Windsurf, the largest of the fleet, can sail up to 13 knots per hour without engaging the engines.

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