Dusting down Piazza Duomo in Florence

FLR DuomoFlorence’s Piazza del Duomo is getting a thorough cleaning in preparation for the November 2015 National Conference of the Italian Church being held in Florence. The event will bring 3500 Cardinals and Bishops and possibly warrant a visit by Pope Francis. All of the marble facades of the buildings and monuments occupying the square will be cleaned and restored, which is over 40,000 square meters of surface. Currently the project is focused on the Duomo, inside and out, followed by the restoration of the Baptisty and the Palazzi dei Canonici.

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, the non-profit organization that protects and promotes Florence’s cathedral, has undertaken this significant project.

In a effort to make families feel more welcome to visit the museum in Piazza Duomo and the monumnets, a new combined ticket, costing 10 Euro, has been introduced and admission is free for children under the age of 15. This may reduce the queues a bit as well.

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