An Authentic Italian Cappuccino

cappuccino-300409Find out how to make a true Italian cappuccino Everyone knows what cappuccino is, but not many American barista know how to make them.  More often than not, when I order a cappuccino state-side, I get a boiled cafe latte with a little froth!

The classic recipe calls for 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam. Italy has recently certified a cappuccino recipe that goes into more detail. Bravo!

A true Italian cappuccino is made with 25ml (almost 1 oz.) espresso and 125ml(4+oz) frothed milk. A hundred millilitres of cold (3.5oz) fresh milk with at least 3.2% protein and 3.5% fat content must be frothed to 125ml, reaching a temperature of 55C. Note that water boils at 100C, so the milk is only to come half way to the boiling point. It then needs to be poured over 25ml certified Italian espresso in a white 160ml (5.5-6oz) cup. The end result should be “white with a brown border, and should have an intense aroma with hints of flowers and fruit under the stronger scents of milk, toast (cereals and caramel), chocolate (cocoa and vanilla) and dried fruit.”

Other interesting coffee drinks served in Italian bars:

Doppio—that’s simply a double espresso

Ristretto—an espresso with less water than usual

Lungo—an espresso with more water than usual

Caffé con panna—an espresso topped by whipped cream

Freddo—iced coffee made with espresso

Americano—an espresso with added hot water


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