Baltic Cruising on Azamara


I recently cruised in the Baltic Sea on the Azamara Journey. The twelve night itinerary was outstanding in every way, from the ports of call, to my experience on the Journey. Though I had enjoyed sailing on Azamara previously, this was an excellent reminder for me of what an outstanding product Azamara is for a wide range of our clients. The clientele onboard were in general well-traveled, many repeat guests, who also may cruise on Silversea and Seabourn, but do love Azamara and their suites which come with many unique extra privileges.

Azamara, true to its tagline, is most certainly for guests who ‘love travel’. The destinations are the primary focus, with long days and overnights in port, and very convenient docking, generally right in the heart of the city. One feels almost like you are stepping out of your floating hotel each time you go ashore. The complimentary AzAmazing Evening events offered on most cruises is generally destination focused and truly Amazing.

Their ‘port intense’ itineraries do attract guests who are seeking enriching experiences in the destinations. There was a good mix of international travelers onboard, which I consider another great benefit to the American client. Guest lecturers are often featured on Azamara. On the cruise just prior to my boarding of the Journey, Lech Walesa was the guest lecturer, President of Poland from 1990-1995 and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983. Imagine what a ‘wow’ that was. I understand that it came to be in great part, by the personal efforts of one of officers.

The Azamara staff all seem happy to be there… and they are ‘there’, in the moment… comfortably engaging, smiling and conversant, without exception. Another very unique feature that makes Azamara standout is the fact that the staff is ‘empowered’ to make decisions on the spot that enhances the guest experience. In my opinion, Azamara has no rival when it comes to the friendliness and accessibility of all the officers… from House Keeping to the Bridge to security, to the Hotel side, F&B… including Monica, the executive chef! It sets a uniquely comfortable atmosphere throughout the ship… not unlike the perfect private club. The recent renovations onboard the Journey enhanced greatly the look and feel of the ship as well.

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