My Favorite Destination is…

Veneto Trip 2010Though I love so many destinations around the world, when asked which is my favorite….I must say ‘Italy’.  I by no means limit my travels to Italy, but I do visit Italy with more regularity than any other single destination.  I have yet to find anything I don’t like about Italy.  The culture, cuisine, history, architecture, art, sea, mountains, wine, and song all blended together with the incredible genuine  warmth of the people make it a destination that draws people back over and over.

Since we are just a few days into 2011,  and most of us setting goals and making plans for things we wish to accomplish this year …that means decisions need to be made about where you will journey.

Springtime travel to Italy holds many advantages.  Temperatures are warming up, the flowers are blooming (my favorite red poppies in Tuscany), airfares and hotel prices are reasonable, and most of Italy gets less rain in the Spring than the Fall. Italian holidays like Easter, Liberation Day, and the Festa della Republica offer many festive concerts and processions!

One Comment to “My Favorite Destination is…”

  1. Italy is my favorite destination too, but I can’t decide if I like Venice or Tuscany best. In Tuscany I spend all my money on leather & wine, but in Venice there are so many cute things to buy that spending too long there is dangerous to my bank account. I like the spring too, but that’s the only time I’ve been there. I keep saying I’m going in the Fall, but things always work out that it is March or April.
    -Kerry Henderson

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