The Venice Biennale Arts Exposition is this summer!!

La Biennale 20112011 is an odd-numbered year, which means that the Venice La Biennale will be underway in a few months.

The origin:
The birth of the Venice Biennale
Headed by its mayor, Riccardo Selvatico, the Venetian City Council passed a resolution on 19th April 1893 to set up a biennial exhibition of Italian art, to be inaugurated on 22nd April 1894. However, the event took place in 1895, two years later than it had been planned. On 30th April, the 1st International Art Exhibition was inaugurated. Learn more >>

The VBA Expo is the celebration of several festivals rolled into one year.  During the Biennale you can enjoy fine arts, architecture, film, music, dance, theater and so much more.

This year will celebrate the 3rd Arsenale della Danza (17th January to 15th May), the 2nd Kids’ Carnival (26th February to 8th March), the 54th International Art Exhibition – ILLUMInations (4th June to 27th November), the 68th Venice International Film Festival (31st August to 10th September), the 55th International Festival of Contemporary Music (24th September to 1st October), and the 41st International Theatre Festival (10th to 16th October).

Visiting Venice can be amazing no matter what time of year you go, however where you choose to stay can have an effect on your overall experience. I have stayed in many different places over the years, but my favorite is…

Hotel Palazzo Stern

Few Steps from Saint Mark’s Square and from Accademia, surrounded by the artistic beauties and by the peacefulness and quitness of an everyday Venice.

A Historical Palace, once home of a known art collector, enhanced by art work of all ages and rich with ancient historical memories.

A unique and unforgettable experience that will bring you back in time. The breathtaking view from the Terrace on the Grand Canal and the peacefulness of the Flat Roof (provided with Jacuzzi) are scenarios of incredible romance and beauty.

Family run, wonderful staff, …in my opinion the best hotel in Venice.

Contact me to help you plan your La Biennale Festival trip to Venice Italy!

For more information or to see some of the artists and musicians who will be performing during the year’s events go to

Here’s an article from with some great travel tips for planning your Venice Biennale vacation.

The Venice Biennale
History and Visitor’s Information for Venice’s Largest Arts Expo
By , Contributing Writer

Since 1895, Venice has been hosting La Biennale, one of the biggest and most prestigious contemporary arts expositions in the world. By way of its name, La Biennale is supposed to happen every two years. However, as the expo has grown over the years to include dance, music, theater, and more, the timing of La Biennale has become quite elastic.

The main part of the Biennale – the forum that showcases contemporary works from artists all over the world – takes place from June to November every other year in odd-numbered years. The site of the Biennale is the Giardini Pubblici (the Public Gardens), where permanent pavilions for more than 40 countries have been set up for the occasion. Other exhibitions, performances, and installations associated with the Biennale also take place around the city in various art spaces, museums, and…  READ MORE.

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  1. Our last trip to Italy did not include a trip to Venice. I will however return one day. This is a wonderful post with excellent history and information! Thanks for sharing.

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